Energy efficiency

The energy transition is underway. The legislative and regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, as new technologies emerge and promise increasingly rapid progress. It is the driving force behind our business model and the inspiration behind our purpose and vision.

Our production teams work with the realities of today’s market, while keeping a close eye on those of tomorrow. As leaders and innovators, we want to use our expertise to offer our customers and partners the best options available.

Efficient solutions offer a multitude of tangible benefits beyond just savings on energy costs.

Our offer is turnkey, we take care of everything to obtain the subsidies. Generally, the amounts represent a good percentage of the value of the projects with a maximum of 75% of the amount of the work.

There is a financing offer that you may find advantageous for your project. SOFIAC offers a product designed for energy efficient projects. The investment is fully reimbursed by the savings generated and no investment is required. Depreciation is calculated so that the repayment is fully offset by the savings. The risk is assumed by Sofiac with the lenders. Cash flow is positive from day one and remains positive for the duration of the contract. If this option seems interesting to you, we can provide you with more details.

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